Port Overview

Freeport is a port city in the Northwest Bahamas located on Grand Bahama Island.  Grand Bahama Island is the fourth largest Island in the Bahamas.  Freeport is the second most populated city in the Bahamas and is located just 65 miles from Palm Beach, Florida.  It is considered the industrial capital of the Bahamas due to its commercial and industrial interests.  It is also home to the Lucayan National Park which features 5 ecological zones and an underwater limestone cave system that is one of the largest in the world and is explorable by certified scuba divers.  Freeport is known for its smooth white sand beaches, scuba diving, fishing and as a significant port for international commerce.  The port area is very commercial and industrial but once outside the port the area is much nicer. Cruise ships dock at Lucaya Harbor which is a 10-minute drive from Freeport and a 25-minute drive from Port Lucaya.    Overall, Freeport is one of the less-popular stops on a cruise vacation but there are still things to do and enjoy while in port..

General Information

Time zone

Freeport is in the Eastern time zone on the same time reference as the east coast of the US. 

  • Eastern Standard Time: GMT - 5 hours

  • Eastern Daylight Time: GMT - 4 hours


English is the language of the Bahamas.


The Bahamian dollar is the official currency of the Bahamas however the US dollar is usually accepted.  The value of the Bahamian dollar is directly matched to the US dollar.

What Not to Miss


  • Shops at the port

  • Port Lucaya Market Place (Lucaya)

  • International Bazaar (Freeport)

Nature / History Buffs

Lucayan National Park - A 40-acre park with a 7-mile system of underwater limestone caves.  The park features hiking trails, mangrove swamp as well as the beautiful and secluded Gold Rock Beach. 

Garden of the Groves - A 12-acre beautiful botanical garden with numerous birds, butterflies, scenic areas, nature trails, fountains and waterfalls.

Views / Scenic spots

  • Garden of the Groves

  • Gold Rock Beach

  • Cooper's Castle

Kids / Children

Activities for the younger cruisers in Freeport are limited to beach activities, snorkel and scuba trips, shopping or a sailing excursions.


The casino at the Grand Lucayan is the only casino on the island.  It is a small casino and has received decent reviews with friendly staff and good service.  One of the only places on the island with a US currency ATM.

Places to Avoid

Watch out for counterfeit, stolen or false goods or drugs trying to be sold to you.  Customs officials may confiscate them on your return trip.  Also, be sure to keep an eye out as well for thieves and pickpockets looking to take advantage of tourists or the unaware.


Map provided by  Worldatlas.com

Map provided by Worldatlas.com

Stay Connected

Cellular Service

Cellular service is available for all major carriers through local partners.  You would have to add international service to your plan to avoid paying high rates (even with international plan the rates are relatively high).  Verify cost with your service provider prior to departure.  The best way to contact anyone is through Wi-Fi voice (VOIP), texting (iMessage or similar) or video (Facetime calls).

Wi-Fi Hotspots (Free)

  • Cafe Breezes, Port Lucaya Marketplace

  • Sparky's Bar, Port Lucaya Marketplace

  • Agave Restaurant, Port Lucaya Marketplace

  • Areas throughout Port Lucaya Marketplace

  • Garden Cafe and Bar (Garden of the Groves)

  • Forbes Cyber Cafe (Downtown Freeport)

  • Zorba's Restaurant

  • Coral Beach Bar, Coral Beach Hotel

  • Straw Bar, Old Bahama Bay

  • Red Beard's Bar and Restaurant

Getting Around


Cruise ships dock in Lucaya Harbor which has limited amenities and attractions directly in the port area but is isolated from the cities of Freeport and Port Lucaya which is where the majority of things to do are.


Taxis are available to run from the port to Port Lucaya for a flat rate of about $15.  Wherever you go in a taxi you must always verify the amount for the trip and where you are going.

Group Vans

Group vans that shuttle cruise passengers from the cruise port to Port Lucaya Marketplace and the International Bazaar are about $5 per person.

Car / Scooter Rental

Reasons not to rent a car or scooter:

  1. The drive on the left side of the street.

  2. There is limited time in port to rent a car.

  3. Cars are expensive ($100/day).

  4. Scooters are hazardous because they are small and hard to see in Nassau's crazy traffic.

  5. The scooters are not well maintained and can leave you stranded far from the port with little to no hope of contacting the scooter vendor. Key Message: Don't miss the boat!