Packing Tips For Cruises

  • You may not get your luggage until later on the first night.  Pack anything you may need for the first day/evening in your carry on.
  • Never pack anything in your luggage you couldn't stand losing forever.
  • Tape your name, address, phone and cell numbers inside your luggage. 
  • Always carry your cruise and airline documents on you and not in your luggage or carry-on bag.
  • Stuff a small collapsible light weight bag or two into your suitcase. At the end of your cruise, use the bag for your laundry or those souvenirs' you bought.
  • Before your go, take a picture of your luggage inside and out. This will make them easier to identify your belongings if they are lost.
  • Small cable zip ties can be used to secure luggage closed to prevent tampering or accidental opening.  Pack a nail clipper or diagonal cutter in the outside pocket to cut off and include extra zip ties for the return trip.
  • Attach some sort of identifying features to your luggage (ribbon, scarf, etc…) to make easily seen when picking up luggage. 
  • The porters and luggage carriers are not delicate with your luggage.  Wrap delicate things carefully to prevent damage.