Port Summary

Costa Maya is a small tourist region near the border of Mexico and Belize in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is on the eastern coast of Mexico almost directly east of Chetumal.  The cruise port is full of bars, shops and restaurants and is buzzing with tourists while there is a cruise ship docked in port. Near the small cruise port are 2 small towns: Majahual and Xcalak.  Majahual is the nearest to the cruise port.

Time zone

Costa Maya is located in the Eastern Time Zone, sharing a timezone with most of the Caribbean, Miami and New York..

  • Eastern Standard Time: GMT-5


Since Costa Maya is in Mexico, the official language is Spanish, although the English language is spoken throughout the region as it is a tourist region as well.


The official currency in Mexico is the Peso, although much like the language, all prices in the cruise ports and most prices in the neighboring towns are in dollars, although you may be pleasantly surprised by giving someone $3 and getting $2.70 back as some smaller shops primarily deal in Pesos.