Things to do in Costa Maya

Want to stay in the Cruise Port?

As Costa Maya is primarily a tourist region and is for the most part a manufactured cruise port that is relatively isolated other than Mayan ruins and fishing villages surrounding the port area.  In the port area there is an extremely large pool with several swim up bars and live music to enjoy throughout the day. There are also many shops, restaurants and bars within the port area that can occupy your entire day in port. There are also shows and interactive experiences throughout the port area during the day that are free to enjoy. Other tour experiences in the port are offered in the Port Pass including Kakaw (Chocolate museum), Tequila - The heart of Mexico (Tequila tasting), Ak’ua snorkel bay (snorkeling area in the port) and the Avairius (tropical bird tour).

Want to go out into the surrounding areas?

The excursions into the surrounding areas typically bring you to nearby Mayan ruins (Chacchoben), tour the jungle in an ATV or Jeep, experience local culture or food, visit the beach or even do a Tequila tasting tour. Most of the beach excursion options include transportation, food, drinks and offer massages for an additional fee.

Maya- Lost Mayan Kingdom Adventure Park

This relatively new addition (2015) to the area offers many different things for enjoying your time in port. Waterslides, ziplines, zip coaster, a lazy river and more! Tickets for the day start around $89 per person.

Other Options

Dolphin Discovery is a swim with the dolphins experience in the cruise port area. You can either pay to swim with them or watch them from a distance do tricks and swim with others for free.


Malecón is a word used in Spanish-speaking countries for a stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront. The Malecón in Costa Maya is about a half mile south of the cruise port area. It is circled in red on the map to the right.