At The Port in Costa Maya

Costa Maya is primarily a tourist region and is for the most part a manufactured cruise port that is relatively isolated other than Mayan ruins and fishing villages surrounding the port area.  The port area has many restaurants, bars and local shops including the typical Diamonds International, Tanzanite International, Del Sol, etc. similar to most other cruise port tourist areas.  There is a large pool that has a swim up bar into the Cantina Latina restaurant.  There are also public shows that are free to enjoy including acrobatics, Mexican style Lucha Libre wrestling, live music and dancing while you can pay to swim with the dolphins or watch their antics for free.  There is not really a good beach option at the port due to the cruise port structure / dock and the Coquina rock beach front.  There is a tram and taxi area to bring you to nearby Mahahual where there are numerous nearby restaurants and the nearest beach to the port.  There are other beach options listed on our Beach Options page. 

Port Pass

One special offering in Costa Maya is the Port Pass.  The offer allows you to enjoy three local Costa Maya experiences at the port including Kakaw the chocolate factory and museum, Tequila the heart of Mexico tasting tour, Ak’ ua Snorkel Bay and Aviarius tropical bird exhibit. 

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Photo Credit: Costa Maya