Getting Around in Costa Maya, Mexico



All of the areas directly at the Costa Maya cruise port are able to be reached by foot.  For those that are a little more adventurous and are able to walk along the Malecón then you can reach the nearby village of Majahual which is just south of the cruise port. It is about a 30-45 minute walk.


For $2-3 per person you can take either a taxi to nearby Mahahual about 5 minutes ride south of the Costa Maya cruise port. The taxi stand is located near the far end of the cruise port area past the shopping area and the large pool just past the tram loop outside the port area (the Costa Maya port area is owned by the cruiselines and they do not let the taxis inside the port.

Tram / Trolley

For $4 per person you can take the tram/trolley from the port area to Mahahual. It is a one way trip however since once outside the port transportation laws fall under the taxi union and you will have to take a taxi back to the port area.

Golf Cart Rental

You can rent a golf cart for the day (4-5 hours) and use it to get around from the Costa Maya cruise port to nearby Mahahual. The rental location is

Malecón is a word used in Spanish-speaking countries for a stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront