What Not to Miss in Costa Maya, Mexico


Costa Maya's best features are the nearby Mayan Ruins. The most popular Mayan ruins nearby are the Chacchoben ruins. They are centered on a large pyramid and surrounded by what may be houses which have yet to be excavated. The other ruins which are commonly traveled to from the Costa Maya cruise port are the Kohunlich and Dzibanche ruins.

For the shopper in your home, one thing that should not be missed are the stores right in the cruise port. Costa Maya has a shopping village that offers many souvenirs that are local to the area.  The port's duty-free shops are a good stop for most cruise passengers with a store for pretty much everything and is conveniently located steps away from the ship. From clothing and alcohol to cartons of cigarettes (complete with brutally and sometimes hilariously honest warning labels) the shopping village has something for everyone.

If you are not into shopping then the cruise port also has a large swimming pool with a swim-up bar if you want to relax with your favorite cool beverage. You can also rent jet skis, golf carts and bicycles if you want to have fun in the surrounding areas. For those simply wanting to relax there are beach chairs and tables set up on the man-made beach. If you don't mind spending $5 a person for a cab to the nearby town of Majahual then it has many tourist attractions as well, such as a scenic beach side walking path. If you don't mind traveling farther away, a half hour boat trip will bring you to the Chinchorro Reef Underwater National Park is good for divers and there are many shipwrecks in the surrounding area as well.