Things To Do On CocoCay…

These activities are things you can do on CocoCay for little to no cost and without any pre-planning or reservations. 


If you bring your own snorkeling equipment to CocoCay you can enjoy the undersea beauty of the private Bahamian island for little to no cost.  CocoCay does require that you wear a snorkeling vest (like an inflatable yellow life jacket) while snorkeling.  If you don't have one to bring with you then you can rent one on the island for $10 per day.  Be sure to also bring water shoes as the island is a coquina rock / coral formation and the bottom in the snorkeling areas is often rough and rocky.  Key things to see are a sunken airplane and a replica of the pirate ship Queen Anne's Revenge.

Don’t forget to use reef safe sunscreen to protect the natural environment from damage by harmful chemical exposure. If you are unsure of where to get reef safe sunscreen we have linked to some here (reef safe sunscreen).

Nature Trail

There is a 3-mile long nature trail that traverses the length of the island and gives a unique view of CocoCay.  Typical things you can see are chickens, hermit crabs, iguanas and curly tail lizards along the trail. This trail will also bring you to the end of the island where Barefoot Beach is located.  You can enjoy this trail on your own without the Island Tour Guide for no cost.  Footwear is recommended due to the length of the trail, rough or rugged areas and areas of potentially hot sand.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Race Track

Fun and excitement awaits 3 to 8 year olds interested in the Power Wheels Track is where they can get behind the wheel of one of about a dozen miniature cars, including a Hummer, Jeep or Cadillac Escalade, and go for a spin.

Adventure Ocean

Royal Caribbean's kids program extends to the sands of CocoCay with Adventure Ocean, the program for 3-17 year olds.  Kids will learn about local customs, conduct science experiments and spend time with their new friends. All young children must be potty-trained (diaper and pull-up free).

Enjoy the Beach

There are many lounge chairs waiting to be used, umbrellas ready to provide shade and hammocks waiting to be enjoyed in the beach areas of the island.  If you kids want to enjoy playing in the sand with a bucket and shovel or to build a sand castle then you need to bring the sand pail and shovel with you as they do not provide them on the island.  The swimming areas are supervised by lifeguards to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying the island.

Beach Games

While on CocoCay you can enjoy a fun game of basketball, beach volleyball, horseshoes and even shuffleboard.  For the less athletic types, simply take a nice gentle walk on the beach...