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What Not to Miss on Coco Cay

For the Thrill Seeker:


Thrill activities not to miss include the Thrill Waterpark, Zip-lines, Hot-air Ballon rides, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, and Waverunner piloting. Snorkeling is one of the best activities on the island available for little to no cost. The Thrill Waterpark is the most exciting new thrill attraction on the island with numerous slides, a wave pool, an adventure pool and more for you to enjoy. The Zip-lines are 1300+ linear feet and traverse the island in multiple circuits gliding over several water features including the wave pool and the cove lagoon where you zip directly over the fountain! The Hot-air balloon ride can provide a great view of the island and the surrounding Caribbean but it can get even more exciting on a windy day as you sway back and forth in the wind!

Royal Caribbean does not extend its children's programs onto the island anymore however they do now have Captain Jill’s Galleon (pirate ship water adventure playground) and a Splashaway Bay on the island which is a kids water park paradise that will provide hours of enjoyment.


For the Chill Seeker:

There are three main areas to relax on the island. All three have distinct qualities that attract certain guests.

Chill beach has numerous beach chairs and umbrellas that are complementary as well as snorkel equipment rentals for the excellent snorkeling in the area. There are floating mat and kayak rentals as well and a small area with numerous hammocks under the shade of palm trees. There are also several straw market style shops as well as a shop for Coco Cay branded merchandise. Chill Grill is also located near chill beach for you to get a bite to eat. Check out our Perfect Day at Coco Cay Food and Drink page for more info on the food options.


Oasis Lagoon is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean and has three distinct coves. One is a relaxing area with pool loungers, one has the swim-up pool bar and loud music and the last one has a beach-entry area with spray up geysers, pool loungers and chairs and umbrellas. It is located near both the Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill as well as the snack shack for you to get a bite to eat.

pdacc south beach.png

South Beach is by far the “quiet place” to relax on the island. It is near the snack shack for a bite to eat and has three bars (one which is floating out in the water!) for you to get refreshments and take advantage of that drink package! There are also daybeds on the west end of South Beach which are the most secluded and quiet areas you will find on the island.


See our At The Port page for a map of the island showing all of the key areas of interest.