Shopping in Downtown Nassau, Bahamas

Straw Market

Open 9:00am - 5:00pm

Duty-free deals can be had for local souvenirs.  Not all items are local though so be sure to look for "Made in China" stickers on the items you may want to buy.  ALWAYS NEGOTIATE and shop around!  There are no set prices and most shops sell the same things.  Be sure to also walk around the outside of the Market as there are often local craftsmen making handmade art and wood carvings that are definitely one of a kind.

Bay Street

High end items can be found from the stores on Bay Street as well as low end souvenir and T-shirt shops.  Overall it has a little something for everyone and is Duty-free.  Back in 1992, the Bahamian government took away the import duty on a huge range of luxury goods including watches, jewelry, liquor, cameras, china, fragrances and more. Now you can save an average of 25-35% on a variety of items.  Nassau shops that post a pink flamingo decal have some of the best bargains is to look for.  The pink flamingo signifies they’ve met strict government guidelines and all the brands they sell are authentic.

  • Diamonds International

  • Bay Street Station

  • Colombian Emeralds International

  • Bacardi

  • Del Sol (for merchandise that changes color in the sun)

  • Gucci

  • Harley Davidson

  • Tortuga Rum Cakes

  • Luis Vuitton

  • Cartier

  • Coach

  • Calvin Klein

  • Crown Jewelers

  • Brass and Leather

  • Fendi

  • Bahama Hand Prints

  • My Ocean Body & Home

  • Da Culture Place

  • Josephine's Treasures

  • Third Eye Artworks & Collectibles

  • Breitling Boutique

  • Little Switzerland

  • The Linen Shop

  • John Bull

  • Diamonds Forever

  • Golden Karat/Silver Karat

  • Effy Collection Jewelers

  • Hard Rock Cafe

  • Island Blue

  • Jeweler's Warehouse

  • Pipe of Peace

  • Sunglass Shack

Festival Place


Festival Place is located at the entrance to the cruise ship dock at the port and it is where you walk through security to get to into Nassau. Handmade unique crafts, art and music as well as Bahamian sweets, treats, coffees and teas.  Festival Place also has a post office where you can mail out the post cards to friends and family from the Bahamas with the post mark to prove it!

Paradise Island Shopping

Atlantis Logo Stores

Feature a wide variety of Atlantis souvenirs and gifts for adults and children including t-shirts, hats, beach attire, towels, mugs, Paradise Pals stuffed animals, postcards, artwork, crafts by local artisans and more.

Bahamas Craft Centre - Paradise Island's Straw Market

Open daily 9:00am - 6:00 pm

Local crafts, straw baskets and bags, rum cakes and candies, art and crochet items.

Crystal Court Shops - The finest in Men' and Women's fashions in a mall type environment.

  • Amici

  • Cole’s of Nassau

  • Faconnable

  • Island Gear with Tommy Bahama

  • Mademoiselle

  • Salvatore Ferragamo

  • Versace

  • Cartier

  • Gucci

  • Bulgari

Marina Village - Upscale Shopping, Food & Entertainment with a fun and relaxed vibe.

  • Atlantis Beach Wear

  • Colombian Emeralds International

  • Dooney & Burke

  • Doongalik Art Gallery

  • John Bull

  • Versace JC

  • Solomon's Sea Treasures

  • La Parfumerie

  • Pirana Joe Resort Wear

  • The Plait Lady

  • Tortuga Rum Cakes

  • Paradise Blue Surf Shop

  • Atlantis Trading Dock

  • Atlantis Beach Wear

  • Beach Sports and Games

  • Marina Store

  • Sunglass Shack

  • Park Lane Jewelers

  • A La Plage French Boutique

  • Royal Palm Trading Company

  • The Columbian

  • Calypso Carousel

  • Atacha's Treasures

  • Completely Nutz

  • Hey Mon Graphics

  • Bee in The Bahamas

  • Crystalix