Places to Avoid

The "Over-the-Hill" area south of downtown is the poorest part of Nassau, and tourists might want to be wary.

Some criminals target restaurants and nightclubs frequented by tourists. The most common approach is to offer a ride either as a favor or by claiming to be a taxi, and then robbing and/or assaulting the passenger once in the car. Be sure to ride only in licensed taxis which are identified by their yellow license plates.

Locals may solicit tourists with offers of jet ski rides, booze cruises, marijuana, hair-braiding services, or a taxi ride. It gets monotonous but a friendly "no, thank you" and moving on will keep both you and the locals happy.

Aggressive Locals

Counterfeit or False Goods

Most Cuban cigars for sale in Nassau are counterfeit. Buy only from reputable dedicated tobacconists.  Visit Cigar Stogies for authentic Cubans and Graycliff for authentic Bahamian cigars.

Crime Rate

There is a high crime rate in Nassau at the moment. US Dept of State has labelled New Providence "Critical" and Grand Bahama "High". Crime previously among drug-related groups has now moved toward armed robberies of tourists. Recent local news reports suggest this is not abating.