Things to Do On Half Moon Cay…

These activities are things you can do on Half Moon Cay for little to no cost and without any pre-planning or reservations. 

Enjoy the Beach

Enjoy the warm sun, soft sand and beautifully blue Caribbean water while relaxing on the beach in a hammock or lounge chair.  There are many lounge chairs waiting to be used, umbrellas ready to provide shade and hammocks waiting to be enjoyed in the beach areas of the island.  If you kids want to enjoy playing in the sand with a bucket and shovel or to build a sand castle then you need to bring the sand pail and shovel with you as they do not provide them on the island.  The swimming areas are supervised by lifeguards to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying the island.  Visit the Beach Options page for more information about the beach areas.


If you bring your own snorkeling equipment to Half Moon Cay you can enjoy the undersea beauty of the private Bahamian island for little to no cost.  Half Moon Cay does not require that you wear a snorkeling vest (like an inflatable yellow life jacket) while snorkeling.  They rent snorkeling vests with the snorkeling equipment package but not outside of it.  If you want to snorkel with a vest then you need to get one on your own prior to the cruise.  There is not much to see in the main beach area with the exception of a small reef area a short distance out from the Private Oasis large cabana.

Half Moon Lagoon Aqua Park

Conveniently located on the shore of Half Moon Cay's main beach the Half Moon Lagoon Water Park provides island action and fun in the sun for children looking for adventure.  They can have fun climbing or sliding on the water filled playground or sliding down the shipwreck water slide.  A pirate ship in the water park shoots water from its cannon, two floating pads offer a relaxing way to enjoy the sun out in the water or cool off from the raining fountain of water. The Aqua park is free of charge and open year around.

Half Moon Cay Playground

There is also a "dry" playground a short walk away from the beach just past the Bahamian Church. The playground features several "ship wrecks" and "forts" with slides, ladders and swings.  There is also a covered area with a picnic table for the parents of the pirates and marauders to relax and watch the fun.

Nature Trail

If you love natural history, birding, etc., then do some hiking.  A network of nature trails interconnect through the port area of the island with interpretive signs and are easily accessible from the marina. They are hard-surfaced and sand pathways traversing the entire length of the beach, around past the horse corrals to the point that the way is blocked by rocks. Also there is a trail over by where the sea planes come in, that takes you up to some old ruins.



Half Moon Cay is a Wild Bird Preserve and International Sanctuary.  Spend some time looking at the wildlife that is unique to the area and off of the beaten path.  You will most likely find some roosters and chickens roaming throughout the island as well!

Beach Games

While on Half Moon Cay you can enjoy activities that don't include the water, you can participate in volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard and horseshoes.  Pick up your gear at the Sports Center, located a short distance from the Bahamian Church. Games can be played at a number of the rest shelter areas.  For the less athletic types, simply take a nice gentle walk on the beach...

Bahamian Church

The chapel accommodates wedding and renewal of vows ceremonies.  The non-denominational Bahamian chapel overlooks the sea and gives couples the opportunity to renew their wedding vows in a rustic and tropical setting. The chapel, which seats 20 guests, is constructed in an authentic Bahamian manner with a trussed roof ceiling and exotic wall tapestries complementing the wooden trim accents. A pointed steeple with a bell reflects the traditional Western influence. Champagne is offered following the ceremony and each couple is photographed with the ship in the background.