Shopping Options on Half Moon Cay

Island Shops

Gift Shop

The gift shop on the island sells souvenirs and island branded and logo merchandise including T-shirts, hats, sun block, sunglasses, sandals, small trinkets, magnets and beach accessories.  The shop is priced accordingly to be on a private Bahamian Island with its guest unable to go anywhere else.

Lustre - Jewelry By Nature

The Lustre jewelry store has a unique jewelry collection made from oysters, conch, rings and pearl.  If you purchase a pearl then then can set it for you in a ring for an additional fee. It may look a bit expensive at first, but it is well worth to buy. They are unique and beautiful to wear and to look at.

Straw Market


Several small shops arranged into a small straw market run and staffed by locals.  The shops feature local Bahamian crafts that are similar to or the same as the items found at the other Bahamian straw markets in Freeport and Nassau.  The items on the island are somewhat more expensive than at the other straw markets and the locals on Half Moon Cay are not as apt to negotiate prices.  These are also cash only shops and they are run by Bahamian women. They live in nearby island and ferry to the island every day to sell local goods to tourists. They accept both Bahamian and US dollar.