What Not to Miss on Half Moon Cay

Activities available to guests include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, glass-bottom boat tours, horseback riding and Half Moon Lagoon water park. The semi-circular beach at Half Moon Cay is 2 1/2 miles of beautiful soft sand with lounge chairs and hammocks to waste the day away in. 

See our At The Port page for a map of the island showing all of the key areas of interest.


For the Kids

The Club Hal Half Moon Cay Aqua Park allows kids to cool off from the sun and sand while still enjoying the Half Moon Cay beach. They can also simply enjoy making sand castles or playing in the calm and crystal clear blue waters of Half Moon lagoon while being supervised by several lifeguards along the beach. If they have like more adventure and exploring you can go on a nature walk on some of the many trails around the island and discover the Half Moon Cay Playground with Pirate ships to Captain and forts to defend!


Looking to Relax?


Renting a clamshell on the beach is a great way to relax and escape the sun while enjoying the Beauty of Half Moon Cay. They are relatively cheap at around $20 for the day. Remember, there are not many clamshells and they must be rented either from the shore excursions desk on the ship or the booth on the island if they are still available. Another way to do so is to find one of the secret hammocks hidden away in the trees along the beach which are discussed on our Beach Options page.. There are only a few of these and once someone gets them they typically stay there for the entire day.


Looking For Adventure?

For the adventure seekers don’t miss the Aqua Trax adventure where you ride Jet Skis through the Bonefish Lagoon and out in the open water. For those wanting more nature and less speed the Kayak adventure is a great option to see the natural beauty of the island.

Love Animals?

The highest rated experience on the island is the Horseback adventure where you get to ride horses on trails, along the beach and in the water. The Stingray Adventure is also very highly rated and a one of a kind experience where you swim with and feed the stingrays in the Bonefish Lagoon.